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After The Wrath...

2007-07-20 14:40:54 by Valhalla

7 episode original flash series coming this fall. keep an eye out for the most badass plot and animation you've ever seen.


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2007-08-08 15:22:03

I bet you're just going to tween the hell out of it.

Valhalla responds:

Probably. I've been doing frame by frame alot but that shit is hard. I hate anime type animation so it's not gonna have too much of that slacker shit.


2007-08-10 23:56:14



2007-08-11 15:54:49

Damn u joined in 02 ... GRANDPA


2007-10-05 17:29:52

I hope your tshirt design wins. i wanna buy a tshirt like that! =)


2008-08-14 00:33:48

Yeah I remember you talking this up last year. You still got the flash, Pat?


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